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This page contains both original song demos and recorded covers. The original demos, some rough, some more polished, were meant to be first drafts to be revisited later when recording them more properly. I'll be adding more material as soon as I locate it in my archives.
Listen at your own risk!!


Angel Love   Z-vocals and acoustic guitars.
This is one of the oldest songs that I actually have a recording of (1994). It was written by me while on the road in Anderson, Indiana of all places. It was inspired by my hearing my as-yet unborn children's laughter coming from their mother's voice. I was deathly ill with the flu when I recorded all vocal and guitar parts by myself in my hotel room with an old school 4-track cassette recorder.

Leaves That Fall   Daryl Wheatley-vocals and piano, Z-guitars
This song was written by my good friend Daryl Wheatley. It is a haunting song that I intend to record properly some day. This is a bit of a rough recording but is definitely worth a listen. 1997

October Song (Autumn's Glory)    Z-acoustic guitars
This song was originally from a riff I came up with while on a USO Overseas tour to Asia in 1992. Written at Iwakuni Marine Air Station-Japan. It is currently my ring tone on my cell phone. 2007

Warmer At The Pole    Z-vocals and guitars
This song was written about global warming from yet another riff spawned while on my USO tour of Asia. It was inspired by learning that in the next few years, the Arctic ocean will be completely ice-free during the summer which drastically impacts polar bears and other species. I tried to emulate whale song with my volume swells near the solo and outro. Lyrics were last minute and need some polishing. 2007

Ziggy Wiggy    Z-vocals and acoustic guitars
This song was written as an attempt to make satirical fun of rap music which I pretty much can't stand. A lot of the modern 'C'rap, as I call it, is supremely ignorant, highly derogatory of women and is classless in general. Don't hate on me, it's just one man's opinion. The irony is I fully enjoyed creating and then listening back to these 'beats' created with only my acoustic guitar and my mouth. It really was meant as a joke and not to offend. 2007


El Farol    Z-acoustic and electric guitars
This is one of my favorite Santana songs off of his Supernatural album. I've been covering Santana since high school which was an incredibly long time ago. Recorded in 2007

Sister Golden Hair    Z-guitars and drums
This is one of my favorite America songs. 2007

Tangerine    Z-vocals and guitar
A favorite Zeppelin track of mine. This one's been on my solo acoustic gig set list from the start!! Love the multi-string harmonics on the final note! 2007

Tears    Z-vocals and guitar
Rush anyone? This is from their 2112 album. Has one major volume leap at start of second verse but otherwise is a good take. 2007

Tumbling Tumbleweeds    Z-vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
One of my many favorite Marty Robbins tunes. I am from NM ranching country after all, the capitol of tumbleweeds. 2007

Ventura Highway    Z-vocals and acoustic guitars
Classic America hit. 2007

Wish You Were Here    Z-vocals and acoustic guitars
Classic Pink Floyd hit. Been covering this one since high school!! 2007


AZE originals are written by Austin Zane Evans and Riley Myers

Windswept Blues (studio version)    AZE-vocals and guitar, Riley Myers-vocals and bass, Zane-engineer/co-producer
We just recorded this last night, May 9, 2016. We had played it in the Undeniable band (see below) but the boys wanted to give it the "studio" treatment. So here's their first draft.

Windswept Blues    AZE-vocals and guitar, Riley Myers-vocals and bass, Z-guitar, Ralph Thompson-drums
A nice lilt from the boys recorded during a recent rehearsal. This is a recording of one of our very first run-throughs with this new tune. 2016

Make Me Fall In Love    AZE-vocals and guitar, Riley Myers-vocals and bass, Z-guitar, Ralph Thompson-drums
Another little gem from the boys recorded during a recent rehearsal. This is a recording of one of our very first run-throughs with this new tune. 2016

Once Again (working title)    AZE-vocals, guitar and percussion, Riley Myers-vocals and percussion
This little gem was just captured last night, May 23rd, 2016

Orchestral (working title)    AZE-piano/synth, Riley Myers-piano/synth
This ditty was a just-for-fun exercise in orchestral polyphony. This little gem was just captured last night, May 23rd, 2016


The Undeniable are:
Austin Zane Evans - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Riley Myers - vocals, keyboards, bass
Dale Perkins - vocals, percussion
Mike Carter - bass
Zane Evans - vocals, guitars
Ralph Thompson - vocals, drums

Black Magic Woman    If I literally had a nickel for every time I've covered this tune I'd be well off!! A perennial crowd favorite Santana cover. 2015

Blurred Lines    This is a semi-current crowd favorite. Lots of background vocal help from our younger members. Austin on main vocal. 2015

Funky Cole Medina    Ralph singing on this one. He and I have covered this song a million times since about 1996. Recorded here in 2015

Misty Mountain Hop    One of my favorite Zep tunes to cover. Austin and I sing. 2015

No Matter What    Classic Badfinger tune here. Austin sings lead. 2015

One Of These Nights    One of my favorite Eagles tunes to cover. I love the tasty guitar solo and killer voices. 2015

RadarLove    Here's another tune I've covered for a very long time! This was a take from a NYE gig I played with Austin and Ralph. Just us 3! 2015

The Seeker    Awesome Who tune that was inspired by Rush having covered it on their Feedback album. Austin on lead vocal. 2015

Use Me Up    Classic Bill Withers tune with Perk tearing the vocal up!! 2015

We Want The Funk    This is a dance floor packer! 2015

ALL songs written by Zane Evans except where noted.
All publishing rights for covers belong to original artists. My renditions here are not for profit and there was no official permission granted to render them.